Anita Rathi

Senior Director of Education

Ms. Anita Rathi is the Senior Director of Education at GAMREE Academy. It has been almost 21 years that she has served as a Computer Science Educator and Education leader. In her tenure as an educator, she has worked with high school students, undergraduate, and graduate students from a variety of backgrounds studying their access to higher education, literacy development, and socialization development.

She has worked as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at University of San Francisco, Computer Science Instructor at Stanford University OHS and Adjunct Computer Science Instructor at City College of San Francisco, CA.

Her previous experience includes working as a High School Computer Science teacher at Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School in San Francisco Unified School district, and as a IT Project Manager in Fortune 500.

She has also worked as a Senior Computer Science teacher at Delhi Public School R. K. Puram,India for 17 years.

Her experience also includes working as a Content writer at SoftBank Robotics for Introductory Computer Science and Robotics curriculum and has also created a fully automated online AP Computer Science Principles course.

With her experience, she understands the requirement of global students, and can help in guiding the parents and students with right pathway to achieve their dream of STEM and foreign education.

Her mission is to nurture children with Computer Science learning and promote STEM education by providing a platform where children can showcase their talent and bring out the best in them.

She is a stong beleiver that girls should be inspired for STEM and be given equal opputunities in Tech industry.


Bruce Brege

Division Head of Mathematics,
Computer Science and Economics, Stanford Universtity, OHS

I am happy to provide a recommendation for Anita Rathi. Anita is a capable, determined, and organized instructor who succeeded in every element of her role with us.I am confident that Anita can rise to meet any challenge.

Anita joined our organization in July 2018 as a computer science instructor. In the hiring process, I was impressed by Anita’s intellect, thoughtful approach to teaching and careful attention to detail. Anita’s sample lesson was impressive, as it covered the required material thoroughly but also zeroed in on likely areas where students might have misunderstandings, which helped to illustrate a strong understanding of the underlying structures of the Java language.

After joining OHS, I judged Anita to be a strong performer at our school. In the role of instructor, Anita demonstrated a thoughtful, detailed, intellectualstyle. Anita’s classes reflected this approach, with each element thoroughly and meticulously prepared. Anita had an academic approach to teaching computer science, breaking down the elements of programming while challenging students to drive to a deeper understanding of the context of each step rather than simply taking the quick and expedient approach of teaching methods. Anita’s students learned why their programs needed a certain structure rather than just telling the students to program in a certain way.

I was equally impressed with Anita’s performance outside the classroom. Anita was very responsive to supporting students, whether in office hours or by participating in school activities and sponsoring a club. As a colleague, Anita was professional, respectful, and engaged –well-liked by colleagues and a valuable member of our division.

I am happy to give Anita a strong recommendation –I believe that Anita has the discipline, intellect,and personal qualities to succeed in any endeavor.

Craig Persiko

Computer Science Instructor, Former Computer Science Chair
at City College of San Francisco

I am writing to recommend Anita Rathi as a teacher / professor, especially in Computer Science. I've known Anita for about 2.5 years, in my role as Chair of the Computer Science Department at City College of San Francisco (CCSF). I first met Anita in her role as a high school teacher, at a meeting with high school (SFUSD) and CCSF teachers, as we were working to improve pathways and articulation from SFUSD to CCSF. I was (and still am) impressed with her dedication to quality education, her intelligence, and her can-do attitude.

Soon after that meeting, we interviewed Anita and hired her to teach part-time at CCSF, starting in Spring 2018. She has taught three different courses in Java and Python Programming, including our Data Structures and Algorithms course, which is a challenging class to teach, with a lot of material. She did this on top of her full-time job teaching elsewhere. She did a great job with the classes - I have received no complaints, and her retention of students has been good. Several students have told me that she is one of the best instructors we have.

What most impresses me about Anita is her willingness to take on new challenges, and her drive to learn, adapt and succeed. I've seen this in her teaching and curriculum development work, and also in the other work she has taken on, teaching at a few different institutions. I'm also impressed by Anita's organizational skills, as she always seemed to have solid course plans in place, so that on the occasions when someone had to substitute for one of her classes, everything was setup to make that substitution as smooth and easy as possible.

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