Android Phone/Tablet: You must bring an Android phone or tablet to every class session. If you use an Android as your regular phone, you are encouraged to use it.

In this course you will learn the tools to design algorithms and implement apps to solve real-world problems. After the completion of the course, you will be able to:

Design algorithms given a problem specification.

Implement apps that respond to user interactions and external events like sensors, incoming text messages, and incoming web data.

Implement apps that require non-trivial conditions and iteration.

Implement apps that work with non-trivial data.

Test apps in a systematic fashion

Conduct user-testing to evaluate how well an app solves a given problem.

Android App Development

Teaching beginner and intermediate level lessons.

Python Programming


Java Programming


AP Computer Science A/P

CBSE/ISC Computer Science - XI/XII

Website Development

Using HTML, CSS and Javascript

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